Dr. Healing Soap



The skin is taken care to be clean and smooth as the natural mineral of nano particle emitting far infrared is contained.




∙ Final solution for makeup removal! Ultimate recipe for smooth skin!

Cleansing foam. Makeup is easily removed with more minute and abundant foams..

After washing the face, the skin is made smooth, and more beautiful makeup can be accomplished with excellent moisture maintaining effect.


∙ Stability of additive-free, no stimulus, and highly concentrated minute foam

No chemical composition! No skin stimulation! This is all the more suitable for the skin of dryness/oiliness/sensitiveness/combination and so forth as high concentrated composition is utilized


∙ Main composition of natural seed oil and natural medicine recipe

The seed oils extracted from plum seed/grape seed/apricot seed/avocado seed/omija seed/castor bin seed/hemp seed and so forth are contained and excellent moisture maintaining capability together with the natural medicine extraction of natural immune composition are the obvious features.


∙ Collagen nutrition supplying cream massage pack effect

Together with collagen composition, this can be used as massage pack. 

When continuing for more than 1 minute, the effect of collagen pack and cream massage pack is further increased. 



How to use

  • Do not use this as in the case of ordinary soap but conduct the massage to the face and all the body smoothly just like spreading and coating the foam of foam cleansing.
  • When conducting the massage for more than 1 minute, more and more quantity of foam is generated and the effect just like the pack can be felt.
  • As this is highly concentrated product, rub thoroughly and smoothly with small quantity only.
  • Use this product as if conducting the foam cleansing with soap bubble.





Precautions during the use

1.Do not use this product on the area with abnormalities such as wound, eczema, dermatitis, and so forth. 

2.After the using, keep the product in the state of removing soap bubble or moisture. 

3.Keep the product at the location where the hands of children cannot be reached.

4.Do not keep the product at the location with high or low temperature or exposing to direct sunlight. 

5.If the substance of product enters the eye, wash it off with water immediately.

Overall compositions: Coconut base, herbal medicine extraction (seed oil), glycerin, collagen, grape seed oil and many others