Dr. Healing Air Mat



Your health is taken care of by comfortable sound sleep. 



Are you still not having sound sleep?

Furthermore, are you not suffered from allergy and the like by exposing to bacteria and fungus such as various ticks of mattress? 



Comfortable sleep under clean environment is provided to all the family through the utilization of the

Dr. Healing Air Mat of Drhitec as it is manufactured with the most advanced fiber structure. 








Dr. Healing Air Mat is manufactured with numerous numbers of white string structures which are transmitted uniformly to the human body curve regardless of the body type and can easily be installed anytime, anywhere so that comfortable sleep can be taken.


Dr. Healing Air Mat has particular features as follows!!


  • Backbone, waist care
    Body weight distribution system utilizing air pressure
  • Bacteria zero
    Rigid and clean construction of the most advanced fiber structure without defect in which bacteria cannot be existed
  • Floor noise zero
    With the numerous numbers of white string structures which constitute the mattress, noise is minimized. 
  • The mattress system with 3D string method
    Adjustable from soft to rigid pressure
    Providing the elasticity desired by user regardless of body weight
  • Effect of dim light
    Owing to the lighting of LED lamp configured to mattress, personal activities such as reading and so forth can be conducted and it can also be used as mood lamp and the like. 
  • Comfortable sound sleep
    As pressure is uniformly distributed and transmitted to the overall human body, comfortable sound sleep can be taken. 
  • Temperature adjusting function
    When sleeping, use the product by adjusting conveniently to the desired temperature.
  • Getting over from mattress tick, fungus, and bacteria allergy
    As the air bed is manufactured with the most advanced fiber structure in which dust mite, tick, and so forth cannot be survived, relaxed and comfortable sound sleep can be taken under clean environment by everybody regardless of their ages and sexes. 
  • Maintaining the cleanliness
    Outside cover can be attached/detached for washing.
  • Outstanding human body protection function compared to the spring mattress
    The principle that when force is applied to the fluid (gas, liquid) which fills a closed space, the pressure transmitted to the inside acts with the identical pressure to every side of closed space 





* Air mat can be manufactured in accordance with the sizes (1100×2000. 1500×2000, 1600×2000, 1700×2000) for each thickness.