Dr. Healing Dome sitting heater

Dr. Healing Dome sitting heater

* Product size: 830x380x460mm


Rated voltage: AC 220V
Power consumption: 400W
Rated input frequency: 60Hz
Type and level of protection for electric shock: Class II device, B type installing section
Infrared wavelength: 3~20㎛
Infrared emissivity: 0.838±10%
Infrared radiation energy: 6.07 * 10³ (W/㎡) ±10%
Radiation plate central section temperature: 60℃
Operation time: 1~4 hours

  • Sterilizing and shrinking effect
  • Effective for itching symptom, eczema, cyst, and so forth of genital organ section
  • Anti-inflammatory effect (haemorrhoids, vaginitis, and so forth)
  • Pain relieving effect (menstrual pain, abdomen region pain, and so forth) (can be differed per individual persons)

Precautions during the use

Preparation items before the use

Do not use the product at the location with wooden articles or water. 
● Use the product while maintaining correct physical position. Do not give impact to the place where the quantum board is attached. Otherwise, there are concerns of damaging the product. 

● When not in use for a long period of time, separate the power supply.


Warning items during the use

This product shall not be modified, disassembled or repaired by the person other than the customer service repair technician of this company.
  – Do not damage, break, modify, bind, or cut the cord with scissors.
  – If cord or plug is damaged, do not use the product and contact with customer service.
  – Do not connect several power plugs to one outlet simultaneously.
  – If power cord is damaged, never disassemble or exchange it arbitrarily and contact with the customer service for repair.

● Do not use the product other than the intended purpose.

● Use the product for the specified time required only. (Daily operating time: 1 ~ 8 hours)

● Be careful as danger can be generated if the product is used together with other devices.

● When the failure of product is discovered, stop the use immediately.

● If power failure is occurred, turn off the power switch immediately.

● If any abnormality of body is occurred, stop the use immediately and contact with doctor.

● Do not use this product to the following persons.

  1. Patient with acute disease

  2. Patient with malignant tumor

  3. Patient with high fever
  4. The person with cardiac disorder (Especially the person who is equipped with pacemaker)
  5. The person with perceptual disturbance 6. The person in pregnancy
  7. The person who has abnormality on the skin of the area to be applied

● During the use, do not make the product to be contacted directly with the skin.

● Do not apply the power while the body of product is folded.


Precautions during the use

When leaving the product for a long period of time, be sure to turn off the power supply. 
● When using the product, if abnormalities such as malfunction or failure of temperature regulator and so forth are generated, do not repair the product in person and contact with the customer service agency.

● Do not hang wet clothes or other items around the heater.

● Do not use spray can or hair spray and so forth near the heater.