DR board

What is DR board?



  • This is the product suitable for the building site with pro-environmental wall finishing material which replaces the use of gypsum board and it is class I nonflammable material with hardboard shape which does not have any problem for the fire resistance test of NEMA. 
  • All the work related with cutting, taka, nail, hole, processing, curved surface, rounding, and so forth is the same as those of the wood processing work. 
  • Its plate thickness is diverse from 4mm to 8mm and is utilized for a wide range of applications (furniture, desk, door, ceiling material, wall finishing material, assembling type wall, and so forth and especially as the wall finishing material of public facility)
  • It is pro-environmental high strength nonflammable material without using any chemical and artificial adhesive cement and transcribing, coating can be conducted and a variety of images can be expressed (pattern of natural marble, wood, and so forth), and accordingly, it is the product which can be exported to the global market as class I nonflammable material (R&D project of KICT, pending patent application) 
  • It is excellent product in terms of price and construction competitiveness compared to similar interior finishing materials (CRC) such as the existing wall and the like. 
  • It is light weight product utilized as nonflammable interior finishing material of high rise building and can be applied to all the structure. 
  • As manufactured with this sort of new material, it is the product which is lightened more than the existing product by far and simplification and convenience of construction can be pursued, and it is an innovative product which possesses more powerful advantages than the existing products. 



Application sectors of DR board



> Hospital


> Hotel


> Factory


> Office


> Ship Interior

  • As a pro-environmental nonflammable material, it can be used at various locations such as hospital, hotel, office, steel structure building, interior and exterior finishing materials of vessel, household, subway, bus, cinema, warehouse, and so forth.



Manufactured products


dr1   dr4   dr3   dr2   dr5

dr6   dr8   dr7   dr10   dr9


DR board raw material property test

Inspection item unit inspection result comparison
Water containing ratio % 12 6 ~18

Thickness expansion rate

(after 24 hours from flooding)

% 0.8 ≤ 2.4
Density kg/㎤ 1.26 ≥ 1.0
Elasticity quantity Mpa 4953 ≥ 3000
Hardness test H 6  
Boiling water test (100℃/1hr) No abnormality / No peeling off
Flexure strength Normal Mpa 13 ≥ 9.0
After 24 hours from flooding Mpa 8.0 ≥ 5.5



Characteristics of DR board


Product name DR board Vermiculite board Magnesium board Urethane Glass wool Styrofoam MDF
nonflammability O O O O      
fire resistance O O O O   O  
non-toxicity O O O O      
insulation O O O O O    
sound-proof O O   O O O O
insect proofing O O O   O    
anti-bacteria O O          
thermal insulation O O O O O O  
waterproofing O            
constructability O           O
economic feasibility O         O