Dr. Healing Capsule

Dr. Healing Capsule


* Product size: 1960x760x1150mm



● Rated voltage: AC 220V
● Power consumption: 600W
● Rated input frequency: 60Hz
● Type and level of protection for electric shock: Class II device, B type installing section
● Infrared wavelength: 3~20㎛
● Infrared emissivity: 0.838±10%
● Infrared radiation energy: 6.07 * 10³ (W/㎡) ±10%
● Radiation plate central section temperature: 90℃
● Operation time: 1~4 hours


Appearance and structure – Principle of operation

This personal infrared irradiation device is composed of body, opening/closing door, temperature regulator, and so forth, and far infrared energy and dmaddhs are radiated from this device, and as such, by irradiating a fixed quantity of them into human body, the device is used for fatigue recovery, muscle pain relieving and so forth. 


Precautions during the use

Before the use

● Give attention to the fact that if leaving the product for a long time after raising its temperature, there is the danger of fire as it is overheated. 

● When the detected temperature of temperature regulator’s sensor exceeds overheat setup temperature, heating function is automatically intercepted. 

● Do not give excessive impact to the door or inside/outside wall and so forth of this device. 


How to use

After connecting the power supply, enter inside by pushing the door of device to the left side and turn on the power to temperature regulator. 
● Adjust the temperature desired with the key (▲ ▼) of temperature regulating button.
● When any of the keys is not touched for 3 seconds after setting up the desired temperature, current temperature is indicated again and bar graph is displayed at the bottom section.
● When activating the buttons, simply touch them lightly with finger as they are designed with touch system. 
● After adjusting the temperature, close the door of device, and lie on the floor.
● When leaving after taking comfortable rest, turn off the power and separate the power cord from outlet.


Precautions during the use

Warning items during the use

 This product shall not be modified, disassembled or repaired by the person other than the customer service repair technician of this company.
– Do not damage, break, modify, bind, or cut the cord with scissors.
– If cord or plug is damaged, do not use the product and contact with customer service.
– Do not connect several power plugs to one outlet simultaneously.
1) Do not use the product other than the intended purpose.
2) Be careful as danger can be generated if the product is used together with other devices.
3) When the failure of product is discovered, stop the use immediately.
4) If any abnormality of body is occurred, stop the use immediately and contact with doctor.
5) When the detected temperature of temperature regulator’s sensor exceeds overheat setup temperature, heating function is automatically intercepted.


Precautions during the use

When leaving the product for a long period of time, be sure to turn off the power supply.
When using the product, if abnormalities such as malfunction or failure of temperature regulator and so forth are generated, do not repair the product in person and contact with the customer service agency.
 Do not use spray can or hair spray and so forth near the heater.
Be careful not to touch the key button of temperature regulator with other keys simultaneously. 
Do not modify/disassemble the product arbitrarily.