Performance of rapha board


Quantum energy


Max Planck 


– Nobel prize in physics in 1918


– 1928 Director general of Preussen Institute
– 1913 President of Berlin University, Germany
– 1892 Professor of Berlin University, Germany
– 1885 Professor of Kiel University, Germany


Since 18th century, light was considered as wave by the scientific circles. In December 1900, German physicist “Max Planck” made it clear that light is particle which is the grain of energy and the quantum of light is sparsely transmitted. As 20th century was started, it became known by physicists that materials become molecules by decomposition, and molecules become atoms by decomposition, and atoms become atomic nucleus and electrons by decomposition. During the course of clarifying the identity of electrons, the fact that the electrons also possess the dual characteristics of particle and wave was proved. 



It means that all existing materials are composed of dual structure, namely, particle and wave!


Quantum energy

Quantum is the minimum unit of energy which cannot be divided anymore!

  • When super quantum field is overlapped, it is changed to wave stage, and when wave is overlapped, it is changed to energy. 
  • When energy is overlapped, it becomes atom if elementary particle is overlapped, and when atom is overlapped, it becomes molecule, and when molecule is overlapped, material is created. 
  • In other words, all the materials (man, animal, plant, and so forth) are created by the overlapping of super quantum field through the stages of wave and energy, therefore, all the life including mankind becomes activated in the area where quantum energy with overlapped super quantum field is existed. 
  • While, in the area where there isn’t any quantum energy nor super quantum field is overlapped, people and all the lives cannot be activated and become sick and dead.



Rapha Energy

Quantum energy vs. far infrared

  • We who live under the current dimensional reality recognize all the objects through sensitivity (5 senses) and think that it is the whole of it, however, if one goes into the ultra-fine world below the elementary particle (atomic nucleus, electron) level which is the minimum unit of material, the world is existed as the one of quantum energy which is invisible to the eye. 
  • In the micro (ultra-fine) world, all the material is not constituted with the solid material but with the activity of electron which endlessly rotates the circumference of atom nucleus. 
  • While electromagnetic field is created around the electron through its activity of rotating the circumference of atom nucleus which is an elementary particle, a minute quantum energy containing the inherent information of corresponding material is emitted, and the quantum energy field such as this carries the intrinsic information for the natural, material or spiritual realm and exchanges information with each other through the wave. 
  • Einstein also stated that when the materials of this world in which we live are repeatedly divided through the quantum physics, they will be connected with each other to the one vibrating energy field in the end. 






  • Chemical elements
Elements SiO2 A12 O3 K2 O Na2 O Fe2 O3 Ca0 MgO  
Content(%) 72~78 10~15 2.5~4.5 2.5~4.5 0.2~1.2 0.1~0.5



  • Apparent density
Item 1 2 3 test method
Apparent density 0.41 0.42 0.44

KSF 2459:2002


  • Absorption
Item result test method
Water absorption(%) 87

KSF 3504:2003


  • Nonflammability
Item standard result Testing
1 2 3 4 5
Nonflammable mass reduction ratio(%) 30% or below 0.3 0.3 0.2 0.5 0.1 KSF ISO
1182 : 2004
temperature rise of s(℃) 20 degrees or below 4.8 1.9 2.0 4.0 5.0
continuous burning time(s) 10 seconds or below 0 0 0 0 0


  • Far infrared
Item result
Far infrared(5~20㎛) 0.921
radiation energy(S/M ㎛ 40℃) 3.71 X 10²


  • Anion
Item result
Anion(ION/CC) 1.030


  • Fungus test
Item free treatment density after 24 hours reduced(%)
Colon bacillus test BLANK 3.2 X 105 1.4 X 106
RAPHABOARD 10 X 105 92.1
Pseudomonas aeruginosa test BLANK 3.3 X 105 1.5 X 106
RAPHABOARD 9.5 X 104 93.7


  • Gas toxicity test
Item standard result testing method
1 2
Time of movement incapability (min:sec)
Time to incapability of moving
More than 9 minutes 14:43 14:45 KSF 2271 : 2006


  • Environmental standard test method for indoor air quality
Item standard result testing method
TVOC(mg/㎡ h)
Total volatile organic compound
4 0.01 Environmental standard test method for indoor air quality
HCHO((mg/㎡ h)
1.25 Tr